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Oud oil also called Agarwood Oil use for incense and perfumes. This oil is derived from Agarwood tree so it is called Agarwood oil and Botanical name is “Aquilaria agollocha”. It is one of the vital natural oil to be used in preparation of different products. Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist use Agarwood in spiritual ceremony or holly occasion as temple offerings. In Arabic language Oud is literally mean “wood” thus oud oil is called wood oil. Oud is known by diverse names in different civilization and some of the popular ones are as Eaglewood Oil, heartwood Gaharu, Jinko, Aloeswood Oil, Aoud Oil etc.

There are many Species of Genus Aquilaria who produce Agarwood for example malaccensis, agallocha, baneonsis, khasiana, and secundaria. Agar tress species produced mostly in rainforest and mild regions. Basically it is found in many countries Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, and in India (Assam), But Assam made Agarwood Oil is considered as the best oil all around the world. Agarwood was mentioned in Vedas and also in the Bible as Aloe. Assam made Agarwood oil are world wide famous for its best quality.

The Assam farmers do the plantation of this tree throughout the region. They have great respect and dedication for the trees and the land so do all the work sincerely by hand. The formation of 100% pure oud oil is not ease so it is essential to done by the expert workers of Assam region. The Oud oil has formed by water distillation method. Firstly they put insects all over the trees which originate the tree fungicide. Then workers collect those cultivated trees; extract the fungicide area using special knives. At last fungicidal wood of Agarwood put it into a water tank for 4- 6 months. Now it is ready for extraction of essential oils.

Oud Oil Supplier purchases the 100% pure oud oil from Assam agarwood Oil Manufacturer.

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